• Why yet another coordinate checker?

    Because it provides a new functionality: the ability to record and see who solved a puzzle and when, so that even if you don't get a chance to claim a FTF (First To Find) because you live too far away from the cache or you're not around when the cache is published, you can still claim a FTS (First To Solve) and prove it.
    In addition to this, this tool provides the same features as other ones and more, like the ability to download your solution to Google Earth or your GPSr, or subscribe to RSS feeds to be notified when puzzles are solved. You can test-drive it with this puzzle by entering N 38 38.912 W 121 26.845 as a solution.
    On the other hand, it won't ask you to enter these annoying Captcha codes when you enter a solution since there is already a limit of 10 tries per 10 minute period to circumvent computer-driven brute force attempts.

  • Why would I enter my geocaching name?

    To claim a piece of the always coveted puzzlers hall of fame. Also, it's always interesting for cache owners and puzzle solvers to see when a puzzle is solved and by who to get an idea of how fast it's solvable and what (who) it takes to solve it.
    Rest assured that you don't have to, you can stay "anonymous", but be aware that you'll be in competition with other anonymous users for a very limited number of attempts per 10 minutes. When you are anonymous, you won't appear in the top solvers list.

  • How does this geocaching live thing work?

    You can read the explanations here.

  • I share my browser profile with another person, how can they solve a puzzle under their own name?

    You can visit this page to reset your user name on certitude.

  • Does Groundspeak know about this?

    Yes, they approved it as part of ticket ID# VCA-439655.

  • What do you do with my geocaching name?

    Nothing else but displaying it in the top solvers list.

  • What's the acceptable format for a solution?

    It can be coordinates in the usual formats: N/W DD MM.MMM, N/W DD MM SS.SSSS and DD.DDDDD as long as North/South comes before East/West. It can also be one keyword if the cache owner defined the solution that way.

  • Is there a way to get notified when a puzzle is solved?

    There is: on each "list of solvers" page, there are links to RSS feeds. When you set this up, you can get notified when a specific puzzle is solved, when any puzzle from a given owner (including you) is solved, or when any puzzle is solved, as long as certitude knows about it. The notification includes up to 100 puzzles solved in the past week. To be notified of publications of puzzles only, add &p to the URL of your RSS feed.

  • What does it take to create a puzzle solution?

    First, a puzzle. Then, enter your geocaching name, the full GC waypoint (it's used to link back to the puzzle page), your time zone (used to display the correct time in the top solvers list), the puzzle name and its solution (either as coordinates or a single keyword). For coordinates, you can specify whether the solution has to be matched exactly or can be approximate within 30 feet. In the latter case, the solution entered by a solver is considered valid if it falls within this radius and it will be advertised as such. Additionally, you can enter an extra hint (e.g. locational hint or a clue to a next step) that will be displayed to solvers on the success page. It's up to you to encrypt it.

  • What if I made a mistake creating a puzzle solution?

    Just re-create it the same way with your correct solution, it will update the existing one. The list of solvers will stay the same, but please make sure to update the links on your cache page.

  • So you know all the solutions for these puzzles then?

    Actually no. The solutions are one-way encrypted (meaning there's no way to decrypt them), so even if someone managed to hack into this site, they would face a 5 star puzzle.

  • Can I get certitude in my language?

    Sure, certitude even provides a user interface to submit a translation in your own language. Please contact me for details.

  • I have more questions.

    Sure, you can contact me through my geocaching profile.