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Certitude is a tool used to validate solutions for geocaching puzzles.

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Puzzle GC#:
WaypointOwnerNameLocation Date publishedWoo
  D'Oh!Since last
014575Bwademercer2013: Final To Do ListTexasSat, 18 Jan 2014003 years
024575Bwademercer2013: Final To Do ListTexasSat, 18 Jan 2014003 years
034575Bwademercer2013: Final To Do ListTexasSat, 18 Jan 2014003 years
086ZR05Team KarlZinkORCD-04ThüringenSun, 9 Apr 20174103 days
115BPYDElena e MartinoTesta da portonVenetoTue, 14 Feb 2017004 months
216C8ENmialasseMate in 1Aland IslandsSat, 12 Mar 2016001 year
394J6X2ClubKOLA15 sec... Kinderserien internationalHessenThu, 5 Dec 20131802 years
AG39HZNtcr1978Vergelijk de track 1.4 wp7Oost-VlaanderenThu, 5 Jan 20123702 years
C15FJ21LZ33Southside Super Series- L.L. Back With A VengeanceGeorgiaSun, 5 Feb 2017004 months
C25FJ21LZ33Southside Super Series- L.L. Back With A Vengeance?Sat, 4 Feb 2017004 months
FN4XH2ZZerØGenomeUtahWed, 12 Feb 2014203 years
GC13327jimbexleyspeed360CaliforniaThu, 20 Oct 2011105 years
GC13Y0RJR and JujuPlay Ball!New MexicoWed, 18 May 201610026 days
GC14XF4the Mack4First AidNew YorkThu, 9 Feb 2017903 months
GC15A26West End GeocachersTake A Hike!CaliforniaMon, 28 Mar 2016001 year
GC19Q1ZAstroD-TeamI Read, Therefore I amWisconsinMon, 8 Aug 201100 
GC1BDFVRavenThe Bermuda TriangleTexasTue, 12 Jun 2012104 years
GC1BT8FHeidi SeekersPeplow - Shropshire Church GemsWest MidlandsThu, 18 Feb 2016403 months
GC1CPQ6sleuthersThe MatrixColoradoFri, 22 Jan 2016306 months
GC1J8Y2RETIKONEasy Sudoku, Golden Gate StyleArizonaSun, 26 Feb 2017701 month
GC1JF8CWild Bill and JabberIt's a Dog's LifeNew YorkThu, 17 Dec 2015702 months
GC1JFFGJames BridgerTwo Twenty FiveKansasThu, 13 Apr 2017202 months
GC1QB75Wild Bill and JabberThorpe ManorNew YorkThu, 23 Feb 2017103 months
GC1QKP9tealeafToasting the HostsNew MexicoThu, 24 Dec 2015001 year
GC1RR6PGorgonVaktmesterSpor etter IbsenTelemarkTue, 31 Jan 2017104 months