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Certitude is a tool used to validate solutions for geocaching puzzles.

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Puzzle GC#:
WaypointOwnerNameLocation   Date publishedWoo
D'Oh!Since last
GC5DB9AjeremiahsjohnsonFlag PositionsCaliforniaSat, 20 Sep 20140054 minutes
W25DAEKmomcat61The RockOhioSat, 20 Sep 2014081 hour
W25D8ZCmomcat61H. F. WalshOhioSat, 20 Sep 2014006 hours
GC58YE6mteklaMot ljuset i galaxen (MMDO14SW)StockholmSat, 20 Sep 201421113 hours
GC57EX8KesokalleTärningsspel med mörkrets krafter (MMDO14SW)StockholmSat, 20 Sep 20142010917 minutes
GC588KBLes BengalesAvez-vous bon caractère! (Les Bengales)QuébecFri, 19 Sep 20141442 hours
GC5D87M[JJDP]The secret of getting ahead is getting started.FloridaFri, 19 Sep 201410059 minutes
GC5D3Q8OlsonkidzLeech Lake Rescue Heroes MinnesotaFri, 19 Sep 20149016 hours
GC5D7J6Steve_et_JennThe Big Bang millième pour MijeroiQuébecFri, 19 Sep 201483273 hours
GC5D31Jmpw246plChurch Micro 6393...CuddingtonSouth East EnglandFri, 19 Sep 2014101 day
GC5CH8ZgallaghdWurd Sertch KunonedrimOhioThu, 18 Sep 20141431 day
GC5D7DXhrc333Naval Station Treasure IslandCaliforniaThu, 18 Sep 20141711 day
GC5D61KWarNinjasWarNinjas Our First Multi!CaliforniaThu, 18 Sep 2014853 hours
GC5D5V6hrc333Golden Gate International Expo: 1939CaliforniaThu, 18 Sep 201410211 day
GC5D2Y5Miss LiHannas brevUppsalaThu, 18 Sep 2014183022 hours
GC5C2Q2Bass-Guit03 La recyclée (B-G 13)QuébecWed, 17 Sep 2014203 days
GC5C2PRBass-Guit02 Arrange toé avec ça! (B-G 12)QuébecWed, 17 Sep 2014202 days
GC5CZ8EcachbefoundA Simple IdeaCaliforniaWed, 17 Sep 2014101216 hours
GC4VC14Yosemite John and Debbie364.4 SMOOTS plus/minus ONE EARCaliforniaWed, 17 Sep 20144112 days
GC5D3WAMojo and MunchieThe Eighth DayYorkshireWed, 17 Sep 201431452 days
GC5BNR2MichaelfilesStar Trek TOS6LiègeWed, 17 Sep 201414188 hours
GC5BQ9QMichaelfilesStar Trek TOS9LiègeWed, 17 Sep 201482318 hours
GC5BQ8DMichaelfilesStar Trek TOS8LiègeWed, 17 Sep 201414208 hours
GC5BNY6MichaelfilesStar Trek TOS7LiègeWed, 17 Sep 201415179 hours
GC5BDZZMichaelfilesStar Trek TOS4LiègeWed, 17 Sep 201421168 hours